Monday, July 25, 2011

Vallecito Creek Backpacking & Leviathan Lake

Well, Leviathan Lake IS about the most gorgeous body of water I've ever seen. That being said... I don't think there are any fish in there. I tried. Twice during this trip I caught dinner in Vallecito Creek, the brookies in there are big and feisty!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Florida River above Lemon Res

The Florida River here offers some great opportunities for wiley little rainbows. July 16th produced some nice fish on BWOs and other mayfly imitations. The trusty Elk Hair caddis seems to always work, in fact I caught one rainbow which already had someone else's fly in their mouth. How such a small fish managed to break a tippet, I'll never know.

La Plata River Above Mayday

I'm following the advice of a great old fly fishing legend, and trying to learn every inch of this creek. Brook trout are the only trout I've found in here, and lots of them. Much like Hermosa creek, the best thing you can do is move slowly, hide behind bushes, stay low, and fish quietly. Fly selection isn't as important as keeping the fish relaxed by not showing your ugly mug. The shallows from Mayday up to La Plata City will produce a lot of fish in the 5-8 inch range in just about every pocket that looks like it will hold fish. They don't give you a lot of time to set the hook, so keep a tight line and watchful eye. Thick vegetation along both sides of the creek means you'll be losing some flies.

Hermosa Creek @ Purgatory

Above the dam which prevents the introduction of other fish species, Hermosa creek in this area is a very small creek loaded with beautiful native cutthroat trout. The fishing is tough... while the fish don't seem fussy about which flies they're offered, they hit quick and spook easily. It is a place where crawling on your knees and/or belly will yield strikes, but walking up to the stream, which is about 5 feet wide at the most, will yield a big fat skunking. Lisa of course catches more fish than us hackle jockeys using her tiny gold kastmaster and ultra light spinning gear.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I love Brookies. Sure Lisa calls them "trash fish" but they're delicious and more importantly, easy to catch! This monster was up under the big waterfall in La Plata Canyon. You know the one, the nasty climb down? Rocks on your head? Yep. I was a few pools downriver. I think that section is promising.