Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vallecito, recipes!

Too much of a good thing

It's been rough for a little while. We had so much moisture that the lake came up very drastically, so places where we stood in early September are now 20 feet below the surface. For whatever reason, temperature, clarity, just change in pressure, the fish have been sporadic at best. During the transition we had several very slow days. I think I can safely say it is over for now, and it's hog season! We've had several very large fish on the hook in the the last 3 or 4 days. Male Kokanee, with their bizzare jaws jutting out in a toothy grin, are hitting wooly buggers and generally going nuts. It's just been really really fun. I've been using red-lead eyed mini clouser-buggers in a maroon color with a gold wire. I haven't read the temperature but whatever it is, the Smallmouth don't seem to be biting anymore.. Maybe I've gotta fish lower, and slower. I didn't manage to bag an Elk, so it's time to start bringing home some fish goodies. One of the hens we brought home for dinner was full of eggs, so I made Ikura. It is absolutely delicious. I sadly have not fished the Animas in some time but I bet Sculpins are getting smacked right now. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my favorite time of year to fish. Put on some long johns, get some good gloves, bundle up and get out there!

Male Kokanee on wooly bugger.

Brown Trout on Silver Kastmaster.

Brown Trout Filets

Trout Cake, Cocktail Sauce, Poached Egg, Cured Trout Roe

Fat Rainbow

The Video

General Tso's Trout!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Can't fish for Elk!

I hope you guys have been enjoying the little bursts of fall color and the lower temperatures. The fishing has been a bit weird lately, and I think that is due to the rapid change in water level and temperature with those big storms. Vallecito is up up up, amazing. I guess I'll never get that crankbait back :( The fishing today was pretty hot, but it was 100% stockers. I must say, the last batch of large catchables they put in there look great, they have all their fins, vibrant color. Nice job, hatchery guys. The problem is, we haven't been catching many real fish. The Smallies have all but stopped, and the occasional hammer handle Pike will hit. No browns, no big bows... and Walleye? They don't exist. This is my favorite time of year to fish, and I'm sure sooner or later the water will settle and it will be on fire! I've gone and ruined a perfectly good week of fishing by picking up a cow elk tag. I'll be hunting units 75 and 751 if anyone out there spots a big mamma and wants to blab about it. Check out our facebook page and drop a report if you've been slayin'em!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lake up, slow fishing.

Well the "catchable" Rainbows are biting at Vallecito. I sort of don't understand why they keep it up with these fish. Let the Smallies, Pike, Walleye do their thing. Let the Browns do their thing, and let's make lakes like Groundhog the awesome Rainbow lakes. Or.. Better yet, let's deal with native Cutthroats and send the Rainbows packing back to California where they belong. I hear about the expense it takes to stock Rainbows in Vallecito because they have to be grown so large to not be eaten by the Pike. Hey, let's cut that expense, it's a Pike lake. Pike have been there since they were stocked in the 60s, why continue paddling upstream? We were amazed to catch a Colorado River Cutthroat in Vallecito the other day, that was awesome. I guess he came down from Vallecito Creek. Neat! CPW just spent over $100,000 to fix the Smallmouth problem at Miramonte. The reason they did this is because Miramonte is a "put and grow" lake. This means that fingerlings are stocked and grow to catchable size in the lake, making them wild, delicious, and fun to catch. Smallmouth decimate these fingerlings. While I enjoy Smallmouth Bass, it was a shitty thing to put them in Miramonte. Put and grow lakes also often have natural reproduction happening, which is fabulous. There are plenty of lakes for Smallmouth, they don't have to be in EVERY lake. There are my rants for the day... Leave the Smallies where they are, get rid of the Rainbows and let's have a picnic! By the way we got skunked trying to fill our cooler with Kokanee the other day. Weeeeeeird.