Saturday, April 20, 2013

Slow, but it paid off.

Fishing on Vallecito has been relatively slow. It's cold, windy, and just not bitey. This big Brown took a Kastmaster, and we managed a few stockers on jigs, but it was slow. Lemon was also slow and don't bring your boat yet. The boat ramp ends 150 yards from the water.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mid-day at Puett

I fish at the wrong time of day all the time. It's currently 6:18am and I should be hitting the lake, but 20 minutes longer won't hurt will it? Some days, events just take you further from the shore of your favorite water, and by the time you get there, the sun is shining directly down from the noon sky. These conditions make all but the most voracious of fish duck for cover. Does that mean you shouldn't even bother? Hell no. Sporadic clouds, an insect hatch, the position of the moon, or a change in barometric pressure can set fish off. Some fish, like the noble but stupid Kokanee, will bite all day. When Trout are suspended in deep water the time of day doesn't seem to influence them as much as other fish. All that cuteness aside, when you're hunting Walleye, being out at noon is just plain silly, but what the hell, that's the time we had so that's when we fished. There's time to organize your tackle, work on your casting, and to contemplate how you can make your fishing setup better. There's always wildlife around, and seeing that isn't a bad thing either. All things aside, like many wise men have said in the past, "A bad day of fishing beats a good day of work." Hell, you might even get lucky and catch a pike!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ice is 100% gone at Vallecito

We caught mostly large (15") stockers today with a few wild (er) fish thrown in the mix. The ice is all the way gone. Grey 1/8oz jigs were doing it, as was my new "Vallecito Red Eye" which I'm sure is not actually anything new, but rather a pretty common dumbell red eyed wooly bugger in a size 12. Tiny, heavy, wikid! It was a lovely day to go 10%ing.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ice is mostly gone

Sorry I'm posting this a bit late, it turned into a busy couple of days. We went to check out the water at Vallecito on Thursday, finding some open water around the dam. Up toward the North end we found more open with some nice areas to fish. A guy at the Schank House showed us a picture of a big Pike he'd caught earlier. We were landing stocker trout around the dam, many with Pike teeth imprinted on their side. These are the plus size stockers they put in last fall, they really fight hard. Both days we managed a few "real" fish, big 20" male rainbows with their spawning colors ablaze, but most of the catch was stocker fish. I noticed last year this same thing this time of year. We didn't catch too many stockers through the ice (well... they're all stockers, but how long they've been in there gives me the term) but it seems there are heaps of them now. Odd. Either way, I was fishing small wooly buggers near the ice, Lisa was using a variety of shiny metal spoons. She outfished me. What else is new?