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How to catch Kokanee Salmon at Lake Nighthorse

Kokanee Salmon Fishing at Lake Nighthorse in Durango, Colorado.  There are a lot of little Kokanee in Lake Nighthorse.  By little I mean about 12-14 inches.  By a lot I mean hundreds of thousands. According to CPW Aquatic Biologist Jim White, 100,000 to 150,000 are stocked each year. They are chubby and well fed, if a bit small.  Little Kokanee are delicious, they don't accumulate much Mercury (this is Animas water, after all), and they're pretty easy to catch.  They are easy to fillet, have soft pinbones, and their skin fries up crispy.  The bag limit on Kokanee is 10 fish, and they can be made into patties or cakes that freeze well.  If you're out to have a fresh fish dinner and you're in or near Durango, these are a great choice.

I say "easy to catch" and that comes with a caveat.  Kokanee are a fish that can be caught by the bushel when they're targeted, but unless you're targeting Kokanee, you're more likely to catch Trout in Lake Nighthorse.…

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