Tis the season... almost.

Ripples made by a gentle breeze blur the photographic reflections of bright yellow Aspen trees and make make my thingamabobber rock up and down in a slow but erratic motion. Yep. I'm using a bobber, so sue me.  At the end of my leader is my deadly secret weapon, which will shortly be no longer a secret.

My wife, as you all know, catches more fish than I do. You probably also know that her tackle box is about as diverse as a bingo night in Salt Lake City.  She uses the same type of lure at least 95% of the time: some form of black maribou jig.  The other 5% of the time she uses a rust colored maribou jig or, if she's feeling particularly frisky, a dark olive maribou jig.  You're getting the picture, I'm sure. She'll freely tell anyone what she uses, and the person will inevitably tie one on and still not catch much.   You've got to fish them right, you've got to fish them slow, and if you're doing it right, chances are that you're going to lose a few.

Cheap and easy guitar string end fly.  
I lack the patience and/or skill to do this right, so I use my flyrod, a thingamabobber, and a small maribou bugger/jig that I tie with the little rings that you find on the end of acoustic guitar strings. They work like a charm, and are extremely cheap and require little skill to make and less skill to use.  Tying one well takes a minute or two.   The waves do the work, and the fish can't say no. The flyrod is long enough to set the hook well and also to deliver a nice long leader so you can fish deep enough. I've found the method to be very effective for Trout and Bass. It works particularly well in the fall when there seems to be a lot of food hanging around the rocks. It brings back memories of childhood, watching a bobber, and it leaves a hand free for your favorite cold beverage. While I won't stoop so low as to use Powerbait, I will certainly sit, beer in hand, and watch a bobber bounce on the waves. If you can cast well in the wind, the more aggressive the waves, the harder the bite.

Did I mention that she catches a lot of big fish?
pretty girl, pretty trout
Rainbow Trout on October 1 - 28" 9.5 pounds.  
This day was slow for everyone around except ol Fisherilla over here. Give her method a try, fish some maribou jigs nice and low and slow. The lighter the better, which means that you want 4 or 6 pound test at the most. (she adds that 1/32oz is best, but if you can't throw that try 1/16th)  Let me know in the comments section or our facebook page how you do. 


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