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Paying the piper...

Christmas Eve Animas

Happy Holidays from the San Juan

Steamed Goodness

No Ice on Vallecito... yet

Christmas Ideas Part 1

Ice Reports


And I did it myyyyyyyyy waaaaaaaaaay!

Brookie Vindaloo!

Williams Creek Report - Brookies!

Quick Trip to Lemon

Daiwa reel & Trash Cleanup

Bacon & Jalapeño Stuffed Trout

Need for crappy weather...

Happy Thanksgiving



Back for more...

Well heck...

Pastorius Reservoir Report

Good day!

Fun with Sculpin

Good weather strikes again....


Animas south of town

Vallecito Report, Trash

Paying the Piper at Williams Creek Reservoir

Snuck out to Narraguinnep

Blown away at McPhee

Groundhog Report.. That's more like it...


Vallecito Part II

Vallecito Report

Salt, Cedars and Pickerel

Farmer's Almanac, Solunar tables.

Old Stand-by

Facebook Page

Vallecito Report, First fish in a strange land...

Twisted line and cloudy nights

Slow at Puett

Moby Dick

Finally!!! No more stupid summer!

No Walleye at Vallecito

Again.. No comment

No comment...


Hermosa Creek

Electric at Electra

Dry Flies On Still Water