Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spring & Cars

Our jeep has been acting up and we've been fixing the issues as they arise, however, it's put a real damper on our fishing life. That being said last week we had a gorgeous 1-2 combo of Williams Creek and Groundhog. Boy those Brookies at Williams Creek sure have lovely color. Forgive the lack of entires in the last month, I just haven't been on the water the way I should. The San Juan is currently between 3 and 4 hundred CFS with the Animas doing its thing. A great time to head down and fish. Don't forget to stop by and see our buddies at Wines of The San Juan when you do, just 8 miles below the dam. I made a variety of dishes with the Trout. I have been filleting all my Trout lately. The last dish I made, I chopped fillets into bite sized pieces and fried hot. Served with Soy sauce & Wasabi.