Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Slow start...

It isn't that we haven't been fishing. We've been out on the ice quite a bit. The ice was thicker quicker this year, and we found ourselves out before the new year. If you follow our facebook page, you've heard about the fiasco with the 44" Pike. I don't wanna talk about it. Other than that, we've had a lot of stockers through the ice. Keep in mind, the stockers in Vallecito are very large, so it may not look like a stocker, but if it is under 20" there's a good chance it has that dull grey meat that stockers have. Jackson fished ok for little Rainbows but we didn't see the jumbo Perch we were seeking. Vallecito is very high and has risen since the ice formed. This could definitely have something to do with the spotty fishing. We haven't pulled one Kokanee through the ice this year, which is much different than last year. The Anise-Oil-Corn hasn't worked, but it seems to be attracting stocker Trout. Maybe the extreme low level of the lake last year made the fishing easier, or maybe we've just been in the wrong places at the wrong time. Tell us your ice stories!

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