Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Note, this entry was written at the end of July, but has been sitting, unpublished until now...

It's always been a dilemma having this blog... The thing I like the most about my favorite spots is that I don't often see other fishermen there. It's worth hiking miles and bushwhacking through horrific conditions to have a stretch of river to yourself. That being said, I enthusiastically want to share the stories with you, but.. what if your truck is parked at the trailhead next time? See the dilemma? When I started writing this thing it was for my own records and I never thought to make it public, but frankly I enjoy it! I guess let's just be vague and accept that you probably won't get my very favorite spots. You can email me or comment or drop a line on our facebook page. I'm definitely more willing to share with an individual than with the internet en masse.

All this being said. We went to a little spot on a fairly popular river up north, but took a very long hike to get into the stretch where we fished. Fishing was just ridiculous. Every dry fly we tried worked like a champ. Little jigs worked like a champ, nymphs worked like a champ. Stevie Wonder could have offered a fishing clinic on this stream. Plus size Brookies and minus sized Rainbows were the order of the day, the latter often jumping several feet out of the water to take flies. Big, juicy hoppers were the funnest to use because of the reaction. I used a foam bodied hopper with elk hair wings. It was like throwing a steak into the lions. I wish you the best of luck in your next small stream adventure!

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